• Everyone dreams of becoming a financial success!

What if we said you could save 25-37% or more on building your own home, office, commercial building or tri-plex apartment complex? Would you believe it?

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• Would you be interested if we showed you how to beat the high cost of real estate?

I’m Ken Diehl and I would like to show you more about my formula for building savings. It’s easy to follow and could lead you to greater wealth than you ever dreamed of.

There are no gimmicks, no get rich quick schemes, no smoke and mirrors…only a way to work smarter.

Here is an example.  We built this duplex for $16,000.  I tell you how I did it on page 4 in my book.

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This website is about a book that tells you, anyone, how to save thousands of dollars in real estate investments.

This book isn't like the 39 million others because it works and I'm proof positive on the information in this book. This really happened. To me!

This is a step by step real life experience how I became a millionaire in real estate in my spare time. With out doing any physical labor. My tools: paper, pencil and telephone. If you can pick up those items you can qualify to become wealthy with the information in my book.

This information could help thousands and thousands get a start in real estate investment, or build a home for themselves because it really works!

Here is a 4 plex that I built, including lot, for $46,080.  Did you know that if you own a lot the bank will loan you enough to build a dwelling?  One hundred per cent financing.  I show you how to do it in my book.


These are facts.

  • A no nonsense information guide to wealth in multi-family real estate. It just can't be said any plainer than that.
  • The actual construction has taken place at different times but the information in my book and workbook are contemporary.
  • The prices may change but the sub contractors deliver the same products and arrive and leave your project at your command. Our flow chart even shows when they are due and the sequence to create the best time factor for your project.
  • This isn't something that may happen. This happened!  The projects are still here!  We still own them!  No smoke and mirrors.  Just facts!

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