• Everyone dreams of becoming a financial success!

What if we said you could save 25-37% or more on building your own home, office, commercial building or tri-plex apartment complex? Would you believe it?

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• Would you be interested if we showed you how to beat the high cost of real estate?

I’m Ken Diehl and I would like to show you more about my formula for building savings. It’s easy to follow and could lead you to greater wealth than you ever dreamed of.

There are no gimmicks, no get rich quick schemes, no smoke and mirrors…only a way to work smarter.

Here is an example.  We built this duplex for $16,000.  I tell you how I did it on page 4 in my book.

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Are you ready for some of the gold? The only person who can stop you from becoming a financial success is you.

Our Affordable Housing book & work-book make it so simple. Even now, when we build something I check with the book and work-book to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Take a look at the chapters in the book. You will note they cover the whole spectrum and a lot more.
It is almost impossible for first time buyers to get into a home at today’s prices. This book could solve the problem for thousands of potential buyers to acquire a home. It is such a simple concept, a proven concept and you can get almost all your costs for the total project before you start.

Table of Contents

A no-nonsense, non technical, no frills book about building

  Chapter Page
I The Tri-Plex Example
An actual example of how we did it.
II Sub-Contractors as components
The Contractor’s method of building
III Lots & Lots and Lots
Pitfalls in buying lots and creative ways to purchase or joint venture.
IV Foundation & Floors
Nuts & Bolts & Concrete
V Framing
Framed by a Framer
VI Plumbing
Pipe & more Pipe
VII Electrical
Wired to the job.
VIII Roofing
Topping it off.
IX Stucco or Wood Siding
The exterior from tar paper to color.
X Insulation
An inside job.
XI Sheetrock and Dry Wall
The great cover-up
  Millionaire makers—We did it 28-29
XII Painting
Quick & easy for the amateur
XIII Cabinets
So pretty and he/she does it all
XIV Heating and Air Conditioning
Blowing hot and cold
XV Counter Tops and Tub/Shower Kits
From the Bath to the Kitchen
XVI Concrete Walks and the Parking Pad
A lot of mud
XVII Floor Covering & Tile
Cheap and easy way to cover your bottom
XVIII Clean Up
You can clean up too
XIX Building Flow Chart &Sequence of Events
Flows like the tide right into your pocket
XX Bids, Bids & Bids
Right down to the nitty gritty
XXI Bid Sheets
All you need is a telephone and a pencil
XXII The Base and Conclusion
You can do it too!

It is so easy to get 100% financing if you have your lot free and clear. Just think how many people have a lot that just sits there eating up the taxes and insurance instead of having a home to live in or rent out for their old age. I also show you how to get 100% financing by showing your banker your rents will more than pay for the loan, insurance, taxes and vacancy. It really is simple!


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